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Kanryo Higashionna

Chojun Miyagi

Seiko Higa

Seikichi Toguchi

Zenshu Toyama

Scot Mertz
The Gojuryu Karate (剛柔流空手) taught at the Ryuhokan dojo is from the Shinjikan (心治館) school located in Awase Okinawa. The Shinjikan was founded by Toyama Zenshu (富山全秋) Hanshi, 10th Dan. Toyama Hanshi was a student of Higa Seiko (比嘉世幸) Hanshi, prior to the development of the Shodokan (尚道館) dojo, and Toguchi Seikichi (渡口政吉) Hanshi, founder of the Shoreikan (尚礼館) dojo.

Our chief instructor is Scot Mertz Kyoshi, 7th Dan, he begain training in karate in 1983. Over the years he was blessed to have trained with some of the best karate instructors in the world, including Yagi Meitoku Hanshi, founder of the Meibukan Dojo (and direct student of Miyagi Chojun), and Kurashita Eiki Hanshi of the Shodokan dojo (and direct student of Higa Seiko Hanshi). However in 2012, Scot begain training with Toyama Hanshi and has been his student ever since.

Scot had the opportunity while serving in the US Navy to be stationed in Okinawa and mainland Japan. He is a native to Oahu Island, Hawaii and joined the US Navy in 1999. For anyone who is interested in the same type of opportunity please contact your local US Navy recruiter office. Training and living overseas is possible for anyone who is willing to put forth the effort and work towards this goal. For sea-stories or training you are more than welcome to contact the dojo.
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